Necklace, Mixed Earthy Tone Beads, Capped Gold Plated Clasping Spacers

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Necklace, Three Rows Of Mixed Earthy Tone Beads, Capped with Gold Plated Clasping Spacers. 


First Nations people, the basic methods of stitchery have supplied at least 500 years of various ways to reinterpret themselves through beadwork. Now, when people think of First Nations, the association with beadwork goes hand in hand.

Although all First Nations have a concept of themselves as a people, tribal characteristics took on new meanings with the arrival of the trade bead. Glass beads replaced the quills and natural beads as the medium of choice owing to their availability, flexibility, and variety of color. Stylistic influences were reinterpreted from Euro-American expressions and designs.

The elements that make up a cultural society include continual growth and expansion borrowing a bit here and a bit there. To state that beads and Euro-American influences took away the national identity of First Nations is to deny their intellectual capacity to grow.

The ignominious bead that first insinuated itself through Columbus has become a cultural icon that continues to display the flamboyance of First Nations cultures to this day.

Item Code - JEW11C206OACZ10

Width: 10"  Height: 19"  Depth: 3/8"  Weight: 52 g

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