Noritake M, Hand-Painted, Porcelain Cake Stand, Made In Japan, 1918.

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Noritake M, Hand-Painted, Porcelain Cake Stand, Made In Japan, The Noritake M Made In Japan Mark was Used Till 1918.


The Trading Company, which Started The History Of The Noritake Trademark was The Morimura Brothers In New York In 1876. The company imported chinaware, curiosities, paper lanterns and other gift items. Founders of the business were Ichizaemon Morimura VI and his brother Toyo. In the 1890s the company started working on design improvements for the pottery and porcelain ware

In 1904 the Nippon Toki Kaisha, Ltd. closely connected with Morimura Brothers in the village of Noritake established a factory. The village was situated near Nagoya, Japan. The idea was to produce western style dinnerware for export. The first export western-style dinner set called Sedan was not however ready for distribution in 1914.

In the 1920s assembly lines were created, allowing the production of high-quality porcelain items, yet still affordable.

The Japanese parent company did not officially change its name to the Noritake Co., Limited until 1981.

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Width: 11 1/8"  Height: 2 3/4"  Length: 11 1/8"  Weight: 928 g

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