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Oval-Cut Hessonite Garnet, Orange, Cinnamon, Africa.

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Oval-Cut Hessonite Garnet, Orange, Cinnamon, Africa. 


Mandarin Garnets greater than 10 carats are extremely rare.

Orange Garnets include Spessartite and Hessonite, among others. Spessartite, named after the Spessart district of Bavaria, Germany where it was first discovered, is the most popular Orange Garnet on the market. It was once known as a collector’s gem due to its rarity, but new sources discovered in the 1990s made Spessartite skyrocket in availability and popularity. Spessartite ranges in colour from Yellowish Orange to Dark Brownish-Red. But the most prized colour of Spessartite is a highly saturated slightly Reddish-Orange of Medium Tone to Medium-Dark Tone.

Hessonite is another uniquely gorgeous member of the Garnet Group. It is part of the grossularite species that ranges in colour from Orange to a beautiful Cinnamon Colour. Because Hessonite is generally heavily included, it is rarely found in Gemstone Jewellery.

One unique identifying feature of Hessonite is the what we call the “Scotch-In-Water” effect, which is caused by tiny included Crystals crowded together to create a “Heatwave” effect or the swirling effect that looks like Scotch In Water.

Item Code - GEM11C421BCAZ4A2

Height: 11/16"  Width: 3/4"  Depth: 3/8"  Carats: 25  Weight: 5 g  

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