17th Century Italian Style Rapier Swords Complex Hilt & Faceted Pommel

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Pair Of Matching 17th Century Italian Style Rapier Swords, Complex Hilt and Faceted Pommel, The Grip is Hand-Wound. 


Developed in the 1500s from Spanish dress swords, the historical rapier gained popularity in the 16th and 17th centuries as a slender sharply pointed thrusting sword used in unarmored combat. Ideal for self-defence, civilian rapiers became lighter and shorter over time, whereas military rapiers evolved into colichemarde swords and small swords. Due to a lack of distinguishing terminology during their period of historical use, Renaissance rapiers can encompass a wide range of styles often influenced by the countries in which they were used.

Item Code - MIL8A205BAG

Width: 6 1/8" [Each] Height: 39 5/8" [Each] Depth: 3" [Each] Total Weight: 1.148 kg 

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