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Pear-Cut Sapphire Gemstone, Australia.

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Pear-Cut Sapphire Gemstone, Australia.


Sapphire Is generally Known as a Blue Gemstone but Surprisingly It Comes In a Wide Range Of Colours and Quality Variations. In General, The More Intense and Uniform The Colour Is, The More Valuable The Stone.

Sapphires That are Not Blue are Known as Fancy Sapphires and May Be any Colour Except Red, which Is a Ruby. The Fancy Sapphire Colours are Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Violet. There Truly Is a Different Colour Of Sapphire To Suit Anyone’s Taste!

Colour has The Greatest Influence On a Sapphire’s Value, and Preferred Sapphires Have Strong To Vivid Colour Saturation. The Most Valued Blue Sapphires are Velvety Blue to Violetish Blue, In Medium To Medium-Dark Tones. Sapphires with These Qualities Command The Highest Prices Per Carat. Less Valuable Blue Sapphires Might also Be Greyish, Too Light, Or Too Dark.

Item Code - GEM11C2WUAF

Width: 1 5/8"  Height: 1 3/4"  Depth: 7/8"  Carats: 390  Weight: 60 g

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