Pearl Necklace, Cream White Graduated Pearls, 14K White Gold Clasp.

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Pearl Necklace, Lustrous Cream White Graduated Pearls, 14k White Gold Filigree Safety Clasp, Comes with Its Own Lovely Jewellery Pouch. 


Cream and Ivory Pearls are the Third Most Popular tones. And my personal favourite! The cream is best described as a hint of French Vanilla over the white body colour of the pearl. 

Who Will Love It - Cream is an excellent choice for redheads, older women with grey or silver hair and those of us who blush easily or have a lot of pink/red undertones to our complexions. 

Why They’ll Love It - The cream pearl overtone is a “warm” overtone that complements rather than contrasts with pinks and reds, these pearls will warm up against the deeper complexions and sparkle nicely. The finest Cream overtones feature flashes of violet colour and add a nice sense of “depth” to the pearl’s surface. 

Recommended Pairings - Yellow Gold all the way, babe! Cream/Ivory is one of those overtones that’s definitely on the warmer side (lots of yellow in there!), so you want to complement this hue, not fight with it. White gold can be a bit on the “clashy” side unless you have the exact right shade of Cream. 

Item Code - JEW11C483CA

Necklace - Width: 5 3/4"  Height: 4 3/4"  Depth: 3/16"     

Within Pouch - Width: 3 1/2"  Height: 3"  Depth: 1"  Total Weight: 26 g

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