Peugeot Freres Carpenters Hand-Held Block Plane, Cast Iron & Wood.

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Peugeot Freres Carpenters Hand-Held Block Plane, Cast Iron and Wood.


The two elder brothers of the Peugeot family which had been originally miller and tanners set up a foundry in 1810, Peugeot Frere Anies. During the following industrial revolution, the Peugeot destiny was transformed.

Their factories embodied the success and strength of the metalworking industry. Having factories in towns around Sochaux: Saus-Crater, Terre Blanche, Beaulieu, Pont de Roide gave them much success. Expansion into many different domains followed in the decades to come.

Workers were taken care of both professionally and personally. Emergency funds for the staff, welfare aid for sickness, invalidity or death and allowance for old age were constituted. Peugeot strengthened the idea that working in a factory was not necessarily harder than working in the fields.

Jean Pierre Peugeot and his brother Jean Frederic converted a grain mill into an iron factory and began producing saw blades, clock springs, umbrellas, coffee grinders and other tools.

In 1832 the company started to produce tools for carpenters and turners. But like a lot of families, a disagreement between the seven cousins caused the company to divide in 1842. Part of the company was called Peugeot Freres and its trademark became the Lion standing over an Arrow.

n 1865 this factory was handed over by Jules (1811-1899) and Emile Peugeot (1815 - 1874) to their respective sons Eugene and Armand. In 1891, they renamed the company "Les Fils de Peugeot Freres" [The Sons of Peugeot Brothers].

In the other part of the company, the four sons of Jean-Frederic Peugeot (Fritz, Charles, Jacques, and Georges) along with the four Jackson brothers from England (William, John, Charles, and James) came together under the name "Peugeot Aenes et Freres Jackson. This company was located at Pont de Roide, and on their plane blades used the trademark of an elephant, sometimes accompanied by the words " Veritable Pont de Roide. John and James left the company in 1852. As with some other English steel and tool makers who worked on the Continent, the Jackson brothers had a significant influence on the steelmaking industry in France.

This part of the company was renamed Peugeot Aenes sometime between 1877 and 1899, and in 1894 was renamed Peugeot et Cie.

Hundreds of thousands of planes were manufactured each year, but the competition was costly, and in the 1920s, the two halves of the company came together. Chrome-plated steel and plastics came into increasing use. Starting in 1933, electric power tools were produced and hand tool production waned.

Another product produced by this family was the Peugeot car in 1983.

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Width: 10 1/8"  Height: 5 12"  Depth: 1 7/8"  Weight: 671 g

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