Poker Chip Advertising, Blue, Plastic, For Cube Steak Machine Co.

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Poker Chip Advertising, Blue, Plastic, Side 1, Cube Steak Machine Co, Needham Heights Mass, Originators Of Steak Machines. Side 2, Cube Steak Machines Tenderators, Triplex Meat Saws. 


Cube Steak Machine Co., Boston, Mass. Feb. 1942. Factory converted to manufacturing war materials on subcontracts Retooling a second-hand turret lathe to thread hexagonal nuts.

Foods and beverage products and processing equipment (including brewing; distilleries; beer; wine; etc.)Butchers’ supplies (including the meat processing industry)

CUBE STEAK MACHINE CO has a total of 17 patent applications. Its first patent ever was published in 1941. It filed its patents most often in the United States and Canada.

Item Code - MEMSOU1E49604PVCZ9A5

Width: 2"  Height: 2"  Depth: 1/8"  Weight: 5 g

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