Pottery Pot Etched Stylized Shapes, Kokopelli Figures Gloria Hernandez

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Pottery Pot, Etched Stylized Shapes and Kokopelli Figures, From Mata Ortiz Mexico, Signed Gloria Hernandez Comes with Stand.


Mata Ortiz Pottery named after the small village of Juan Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, where it originated and is now being produced, has achieved the enviable status as perhaps one of the more innovative ceramics movements to evolve in the 20th century.

Unlike Native American potters, Mata Ortiz artists are not confined to stylistic traditions. Rather, Mata Ortiz potters have had the unique ability to follow any successful tangent, in whatever direction the artist feels inspired to explore. For this reason, Mata Ortiz pottery has achieved unrivalled diversity in style, design, and creativity.

Item Code - CER3A302PVC

Pot - Width: 9 3/4"  Height: 14"  Depth: 9 3/4"  Weight: 2.167 kg

Stand - Width: 9 5/8"  Height: 5"  Depth: 9 5/8"  Weight: 299 g

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