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Rat Pack Album, Cards, Poker Chip's Framed with Engraved Signatures.

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Rat Pack Album, Cards, and Poker Chip's Framed with Engraved Signatures. 


The Rat Pack Gang - Who Were They?

Only the hippest, coolest bunch of cats on either coast. The group originally sprung up around Humphrey Bogart, whose wife Lauren Bacall first named them. Seeing Bogie, Frank and a few of their cronies come straggling in from a night of carousing, Lauren exclaimed: "You look like a goddamned rat pack!" The name stuck.

After Bogie's death, Frank became the group's nominal honcho ("the Leader"). Sometimes called "the Clan," Dean Martin ("Dag") and Sammy Davis, Jr. ("Smokey") were the other two full-time members. Peter Lawford (JFK's "brother-in-law") and Joey Bishop rounded out the Pack, with occasional appearances by Shirley Maclaine as their honorary mascot and Girl Friday. (Frank never liked the name "Rat Pack." When he called the group anything, he preferred "The Summit.")

The Rat Pack made their home at the Copa Room in Jackie Entratter's Sands Hotel and Casino on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Sadly, the Sands (and the Copa Room along with it) no longer exists. It was a casualty of Las Vegas' expansion and the trend toward family entertainment. For a period of time in the early-to-mid sixties, though, it was the coolest spot in the Universe.

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