Red Man Folding Pocket Knife 1904-2004 Commemorative 100th Anniversary

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Red Man Folding Pocket Knife, Lock Back, Inscription On Blade Red Man 1904-2004, Commemorative, 100th Anniversary. This 2004 Folding Pocket Knife Was Produced To Commemorative 100 Years Of The Red Man Chewing Tobacco.


The Red Man brand was introduced in 1904 by Pinkerton Tobacco (incorporated in 1901).

Early in its history, Red Man advertisements were painted on the sides of barns, featuring an endorsement from baseball player Nao Lajoie, "Lajoie chews Red Man, ask him if he doesn't." Red Man was initially sold in a few Midwestern states, it expanded (in 1954) into the South and then (in 1963) largely nationwide. The corporation's marketing material describes Red Man's consumer base, "A large number of consumers work outdoors and enjoy hunting, fishing and watch [sic] auto racing." Contemporary materials from Swedish Match also suggest that the brand name came from something of an homage to American Indians.

Marketing tie-ins with rural and outdoor sports have been a hallmark of the Red Man brand. From 1952 to 1955, Red Man produced a series of baseball cards the only tobacco company to do so after 1920. The sets are valuable due to the appearance of 25 of the top players of 1952–55, including Stan Musial, Yogi Berra and Willie Mays.

In 1982, Red Man launched its first TV advertising ever, produced by the ad agency Benton & Bowles This decision came after Levi Garrett's aggressive entrance on the chewing tobacco market in the US.

Since then, the brand has sponsored competitive events including the "Red Man All-American Pulling Series", a tractor pulling circuit, and the "Red Man All-American Bass Championship", a fishing competition. In 1991, under pressure from the Federal Trade Commission, which was enforcing a 1986 U.S. statute banning television ads for smokeless tobacco. Red Man agreed to stop displaying its "product logo, selling message or the colour or design of the tobacco product or its package" during televised coverage of the tractor pulls. The competitive fishing circuit that culminated in the Bass Championship was sponsored by the company and called the "Red Man Tournament Trail" from 1983 to 2000, after which Wal-Mart took over as the name sponsor.

Item Code - KNI8B2336PVC

Length: 4 7/8" [Blade Closed] 8 1/2" [Blade Opened] Width: 1 3/8" Depth: 3/8"

Weight: 127 g

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