Roman Glass Plaque Of The Goddess Cybele High-Relief Image Of Her Bust

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Roman Blue Glass Plaque Of The Goddess Cybele, High-Relief Image Of Her Bust, Wearing an Elaborate Diadem Necklace, Hatched Pattern To The Robe, 1st Century BC-1st Century AD.

The 1st century BC Consists Of The Years 100BC To 1BC. The 1st Century AD Consists Of The Years AD 1 To AD 100.

This Piece Is Over 2000 Years Old.


The Shape Of The Crown On This Bust Would Indicate That The Figure Represented Is The Goddess Cybele, The Great Mother Goddess From Pessinus, Now In Modern Turkey. The Cult Image Of The Goddess was a Large Conical Stone, Possibly a Meteorite, That was Eventually Moved To Rome. Depictions Of The Goddess In Human Form Show Her as a Matronly Figure Wearing a Crown In The Shape Of City Walls, Reflecting Her Role as Protector Of Cities, and Flanked On Either Side By Lions. Her Cult was Extremely Important In The Roman Empire, Attracting Worshipers From All Levels Of Society. Private Collection, London UK, From the 1970s-1980s.

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Width: 1"  Height: 1 1/8"  Depth: 7/16"  Weight: 9 g

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