The Toronto Blue Jays, Vol 14 Issue III, Aug 23-Sept 9, 1990 Scorebook

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Scorebook, The Official Magazine Of The Toronto Blue Jays, Vol 14, Issue III, Aug 23-Sept 9, 1990, 'Henke' Big Man In The Bullpen, American League 89 Champs East.


The Blue Jay's Latest Bullpen Savior was Tom Henke, a Young Man From Missouri, a State The Team Does Not Remember Fondly.

Henke was dominant over his eight years with the Blue Jays, and his one All-Star appearance barely scratches the surface of his story. Handling the majority of the closer’s duties alongside Ward, Henke was a high-strikeout pitcher (10.3 K/9) who combined longevity with impressive peaks.

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