Sterling Silver Pillow Shaped Earrings, Greek Key Etched Design.

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Sterling Silver Wire Hung Pillow Shaped Earrings, Double-Sided Greek Key Etched Design.


Earrings, Ornaments Decorating The Ears, Have Been One Of The Principal Forms Of Jewellery Throughout Recorded History. The Term Usually Refers To Ornaments Worn attached To The Earlobes, Though In The Late Twentieth Century It Expanded Somewhat To Include Ornaments Worn On Other Parts Of The Ear, Such as Ear Cuffs, and Is Used To Describe Pieces Of Jewellery In Earring Form, Even When They are Worn Through Piercings In Other Parts Of The Body (For Example, In The Nose). The Most Common Means Of attaching Earrings To The Earlobes Have Been To Pierce Holes In The Lobes, Through Which a Loop Or Post May Be Passed. But a Variety Of Other Devices Have also Been Used, Including Spring Clips, Tensioning Devices Such as Screw Backs, and, For Particularly Heavy Earrings, Loops Passing Over The Top Of The Ear Or attaching To The Hair Or Headdress.

Item Code - JEW11C453CAZ1C1

Width: 1 1/8" [Each] Height: 1 3/4" [Each] Depth: 5/16" [Each]  Total Weight: 6 g 

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