Studio Pottery Pot Glaze Crazing Effect Neutral White & Greys, Signed.

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Studio Pottery Pot, Glaze Crazing Effect With Neutral White and Greys, Signed. The Neutral Colours Will Look Great With Any Decor.


Regardless of what you call it, it’s a crazed glaze that is applied so thick that the fractures run not just vertically but horizontally. These crackle patterns can be large or small, and they are distinct hexagonal shapes. When they are large, it is easy to see why it is sometimes called Tortoise Shell Crackle. It is often said that, if you don’t like it, you call it crazing, if you like it, you call it crackle.

Crazing is often thought of like a glaze defect, but as Nigel Wood describes in his book Chinese Glazes, the Song dynasty potters are thought to be the first to treat crazing as a decorative effect. Commonly called Guan (Kuan) Crackle, the Ru, Guan and Ge ware were all beautiful examples of crazing as a decorative technique. In a specifically beautiful type called “iron wire and golden threads,” or “golden floss and iron threads,” the larger cracks, or primary cracks, were stained black while the pots were still hot. The smaller, secondary cracks developed over months or years as the delayed crazing occurred, leaving them brown.

Item Code - CER10C357HAE

Width: 6"  Height: 3 7/8"  Depth: 6"  Weight: 439 g

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