Suisse Langenthal Collector Plates, A Pair, Framed, Switzerland.

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Suisse Langenthal Collector Plates, A Pair, Switzerland.


Langenthal is a town and a municipality in the district of Oberaargau in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. On 1 January 2010, the municipality of Untersteckholz merged into the LangenthalLangenthal is an educational, cultural, and economic centre for the region of Oberaargau.

The fascinating history of the only 20th-century Swiss porcelain factory began in 1906 in the Bernese town of Langenthal. Deeply rooted in the Swiss identity, the porcelain manufactory Langenthal SA, affectionately known by its workers as the “Porzi,” became noted for its cutting-edge technology, the diversity of its products as well as the quality of its porcelain. The artistic output followed the dominant aesthetic currents of the century while still preserving its local character. From Art Nouveau and Art Deco to the deliciously “vintage” designs of the 1950s and 1960s, from pseudo-rustic to avant-garde propositions, from collaborations with artists and designers to the influence of the artistic directors of the manufactory, the history of Langenthal is closely linked to the evolution of taste.

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Width: 14 1/2"  Height: 14 1/2"  Depth: 2"  Weight: 2.446 kg

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