Sweater Clip, Sterling Silver, Horses, Turquoise Eyes, Trombone Clasps

  • $124.99 CAD

Sweater Clip, Sterling Silver, Horses Chain Linked Together, Turquoise Eyes, with Trombone Clasps.


Sweater guards are descendants of earlier cloak clasps. They gained prominence in the 1950s when cardigan sweaters and twin sets were fashionable.

  • These clips served both functional and decorative purposes.
  • Some sweater guards were practical, designed to keep a sweater in place when draped over the shoulders, while others were more ornamental.

Like Most Things In The Fashion World, They Eventually Go Out Of Style. However,  They are Coming Back with Sweater Clips, Emma Pillsbury From Glee is Wearing all Sorts Of Vintage Sweater Clips.



Item Code - JEW11C308PVCZ7C1

Horses - Width: 2 1/4''  Height: 1 1/2''  Depth: 5/16''

Whole Clip Chain - Length: 11 1/2''  Weight: 39 g

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