Tibetan Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Hand Made Image Of Padmasambhava

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Tibetan Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, Hand Made and Engraved with The Images Of Padmasambhava (lit. "Lotus-Born"), Also Known As Guru Rinpoche.


During the eighth century, Buddhism began to take strong root in Tibet under the patronage of the mighty king Trisong Detsen, but the propagation of the Dharma was not without challenges. The Tibetan people didn’t immediately welcome this new foreign religion, which contrasted uncomfortably with their indigenous culture in almost every sense. 

The learned Indian monk Shantarakshita was invited by the king himself to build the first Buddhist monastery as the basis for a monastic community that would be essential to growing the tradition. But people rebelled against this development. Shantarakshita was probably atypical, refined Indian monk with a shaven head who may not have had the skill to communicate effectively with Tibetans at first encounter. To overcome these challenges, the king invited the Buddhist master Padmasambhava, who also hailed from the Indian subcontinent yet knew how to communicate with Tibetans, and whom Tibetans understood right away. Tibetan Buddhism would not be the same were it not for Padmasambhava. His legacy added precious elements to the Dharma in Tibet that remain to this day. 

Item Code - JEW11C3571MA

Width: 2 1/2"  Height: 1 3/8"  Depth: 2"  Weight: 62 g

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