Trade Token, 1 Peso, Chile, 1904, Nitrate Company Of Antofagasta.

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Trade Token, Wage Token, 1 Peso, Chile, 1904, Front Reads, Compania De Salitres De Antofagasta, which Translates, Nitrate Company Of Antofagasta, Reverse Side, Three Large abbreviated Letters C S A Overlapping Each Other, Translated in English, Nitrate Company Of Antofagasta, above Letters Stamped Numbers 14030.


The War of the Pacific, also known as the Saltpeter War and by multiple other names, was a war between Chile and a Bolivian - Peruvian alliance from 1879 to 1884. Fought over Chilean claims on coastal Bolivian territory in the Atacama Desert, the war ended with a Chilean victory, which gained the country a significant amount of resource-rich territory from Peru and Bolivia. The war began over a nitrate taxation dispute between Bolivia and Chile, with Peru being drawn in due to its secret alliance with Bolivia. But historians have pointed to deeper origins of the war, such as the interest of Chile and Peru in the nitrate business, the long-standing rivalry between Chile and Peru, as well as political and economic disparities between Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. On February 14, 1879, Chile's armed forces occupied the Bolivian port city of Antofagasta, subsequently war between Bolivia and Chile was declared on March 1, 1879, and between Chile and Peru on April 5, 1879. During the first five months, the war played out in a naval campaign, as Chile struggled to establish a marine resupply corridor for its forces in the world's driest desert. Afterward, Chile's land campaign overcame the Bolivian and Peruvian armies. Bolivia withdrew after the Battle of Tacna, on May 26, 1880. Chilean forces occupied Peru's capital Lima in January 1881. Remnants and irregulars of the Peruvian army waged a guerrilla war but could not prevent war-weary Peruvian factions from reaching a peace deal with Chile involving territorial cessions.

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