United States Deputy Marshal Badge, Brass, Reversed Embossed.

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United States Deputy Marshal Badge, Brass, Reversed Embossed. 



Picture Of Lawman Wyatt Earp and His Brothers, He Is Most Likely The Most Storied Figure Of The Old West.


He was also a skilled gunslinger who was greatly feared by the outlaws of the time. Earp had a varied career that saw him travel to boomtowns like Wichita, Dodge City and the lawless town of Tombstone to serve as sheriff, and he took part in some of the most legendary gunfights of the 1800s. The most famous of these is, without doubt, the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, which happened in 1881 when Earp, his brothers Morgan and Virgil, and friend Doc Holliday confronted a gang of cowboys who had recently been arrested for robbing a stagecoach. Three of the cowboys were killed in the encounter, and everyone except Wyatt was wounded. The gunfight triggered a huge scandal, and friends of the cowboys soon retaliated, wounding Wyatt’s brother Virgil and killing Morgan. Earp and Holliday then led a team of gunfighters on what has become known as their “Vendetta Ride,” and they eventually killed several men linked to the murders before fleeing the region. All told, Earp participated in numerous gunfights in his life, killing anywhere from 8 to 30 and his exploits remain some of the most popular stories of the Old West.


As The Enforcement Arm Of The US Federal Courts, The Marshals are Tasked With Capturing Fugitives, Serving Federal arrest Warrants, Transporting Prisoners, and Overseeing The Witness Protection Program. The Job Puts agents Directly In The Way Of The Most Dangerous Criminals In The Nation.

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