Victorian Clothes Brush, Silver Plated.

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Victorian Clothes Brush, Silver Plated.

It is the correct use of your clothes brush that really removes dust. Always remember that brushing should never be a scrubbing movement, it requires a strong sweeping motion or a firm flick of your wrist on areas where dust has accumulated. All strokes must go in the same way, otherwise, when light strikes the cloth, it will look a mess, like the ruffled hair on a horse's shank.

You must first brush the nap brush against the lie (nap)of the material to remove all the dust that is trapped inside it. Then brush down the nap for a smooth finish. If you want to brush out a mark, brush it with short, quick strokes, but never jab at cloth or you are likely to break the fibre.

Freshen up your clothes by using a damp brush on them. Dip the bristles of your brush in a bowl of water. Then flick the water from the bristles so the brush is left slightly damp, not wet and brush as usual. I always brush evening clothes with a slightly damp brush. If a suit is very dusty, brush it with a dry brush first and then use a slightly damp brush to freshen it up.

Item Code - MIS7A1244LAG

Width: 7"  Height: 2 1/8"  Depth: 2"  Weight: 133 g

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