Virginia City Deputy Nevada Territory Badge, Brass, Reversed Embossed.

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Virginia City Deputy Nevada Territory Badge, Brass, Reversed Embossed.



Picture Of Paden Tolbert (c. 1863 or 1870 – April 24, 1904) Was a 19th-Century American Law Enforcement Officer and Railroad agent.


He Was One Of The Leading Deputy U.S Marshals In The Indian Territory During The 1880s and 90s and Often Worked With Other Well-Known Lawmen Of His Time Including Bud Ledbetter, Heck Thomas and Bill Tilghman. He and His Brother John Tolbert Were Both Deputy Marshals Under "The Hanging Judge" Isaac Parker.


The position of sheriff is established by the Virginia Constitution, with the sheriff and his deputies having both civil and concurrent criminal jurisdiction countywide. Sheriff's terms are for four years and are not term-limited. Unlike other states, the Sheriff is not necessarily the chief law enforcement officer; in a city that has a police department, a Chief of Police has that distinction according to the statute. However, a sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in any county. In such areas, the Chief of Police is the highest-ranking officer, such as in incorporated towns or cities.

Virginia is unique in that all cities are independent jurisdictions and are completely separate from any county. Thus, most cities (with few exceptions such as Poquoson and Franklin) have elected sheriffs, most of which focus on the court and jail operations. By law, sheriffs can enforce all the laws of the Commonwealth of the jurisdiction they serve. Some city sheriffs (such as Portsmouth and Newport News) also work alongside the city police in responding to calls and enforcing traffic violations.

In cities such as Poquoson and Franklin, these cities grew out of a county and still use that county's sheriff for civil process and court services. Those sheriff's offices still have concurrent jurisdiction in those cities but do not generally exercise them, allowing the city police to handle criminal/traffic matters.

All sheriffs are responsible for the civil process, jails, serving levies and holding sheriff's sales to satisfy judgments.

Since 1983, when the General Assembly passed legislation allowing counties to establish police departments by referendum, only seven counties have done so. In most of those counties, such as Henrico and Chesterfield, the sheriff's offices exercise criminal enforcement authority sharing it with the county police, but generally, let the county police investigate most crimes.

The city of Williamsburg incorporated as a city from James City County in 1699. Prior to 1983, the sheriff's office handled all police functions for James City County while a sheriff performed court/jail functions for Williamsburg. When James City County established its county police department, that department operated under the county sheriff for two years before becoming a separate agency. Williamsburg's sheriff's office comprised only 8 personnel, it eventually merged with the county's sheriff's office to form the Williamsburg-James City County Sheriff's office.

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