Watercolour Of A Pine Warbler Signed By Artist Greer Framed and Matted

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Watercolour Painting Of A Pine Warbler, Yellow Flowers and Green Branches, Signed By Artist Greer, Framed and Matted.


Pine Warblers are yellowish birds with olive backs, whitish bellies, and two prominent white wing bars on grey wings. Adult males are the brightest, females and immatures are more subdued and can even appear grey-brown. Overall, Pine Warblers don’t show the strong patterns of other warblers, but the face can look weakly “spectacled,” with a pale eye ring connected to a pale stripe in front of the eye.

Pine Warblers are often difficult to see as they usually stay high up in pines. Insects make up most of their diet, but they also eat fruits and seeds. They occasionally forage on the ground or come to feeders. Males sing even, rich trills from the tops of pines.

Item Code - VIS17B448HAB

Width 15 1/8"  Height: 12 1/4"  Depth: 1 1/4"  Weight: 1.035 kg

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