William Vance Nichol's Artist, Limited Edition Print 260/1000, Signed.

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William Vance Nichol's, American Artist, Limited Edition, Signed, 260/1000, Life Print Of "Junior Johnson," Nascar Driver, Bootlegger, North Wilkesboro Speedway, and, Flossie Johnson. 


William Vance Nichols, an American Artist, Has Dedicated Nearly 25 Years To His Artistic Career. Born In The North Carolina Foothills, His Passion For Art Blossomed During His Youth and Has Continued Throughout His Life.

Junior Johnson, Born Robert Glenn Johnson Jr. On June 28, 1931, was An American Professional Stock Car Racing Driver, Engineer, and Team Owner. His Legacy Is Deeply Intertwined with The High-Octane World Of NASCAR. 


Junior Johnson made a significant impact as a NASCAR driver during the 1950s and 1960s, he won 50 NASCAR races throughout his career before retiring in 1966. Johnson was known for his daring driving style and innovative techniques, Junior Johnson is credited as the first to use the drafting technique in stock car racing, which involves closely following another car to reduce air resistance and gain speed. His strategic approach revolutionized racing tactics. In the 1970s and 1980s, Johnson transitioned from driver to NASCAR racing team owner, his teams achieved remarkable success, winning NASCAR championships with drivers like Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip. Johnson was affectionately called “The Last American Hero,” his autobiography and the subsequent movie adaptation share the same title, the film delves into his upbringing and moonshining roots, growing up in the hills of Western North Carolina, Johnson was involved in the moonshine business, he outran authorities while transporting illicit moonshine in his car. His family had a long history in the whiskey trade, and his father was a lifelong bootlegger, despite his moonshining past, Johnson received a pardon from President Reagan. Junior Johnson’s legacy extends beyond the racetrack, making him a true icon in American motorsports.

Flossie Johnson, the former wife of NASCAR legend Junior Johnson, was renowned for her culinary skills and warm hospitality. Flossie authored three cookbooks, “Flossie’s Favorites” (1992) A collection of country recipes that became a sell-out and was reprinted four times. “Flossie’s Favorites Too” (2002) is A second compilation of delightful country recipes, dedicated to her mother, Cordie Williams Clark. “Save the Fork” (2012) Another cookbook filled with her cherished recipes. Her cookbooks featured everything from desserts to cornbread, capturing the essence of Southern cooking. Flossie was known for rolling out the most mouth-watering biscuits ever eaten. NASCAR President Bill France Jr.'s wife, Betty Jane France, fondly recalled the aroma of country ham and watching Flossie create these delectable biscuits on crisp autumn mornings.

North Wilkesboro is a town nestled in Wilkes County, North Carolina, United States. Historic NASCAR Track, North Wilkesboro Speedway. Situated about 5 miles east of the town of North Wilkesboro, this historic NASCAR track lies along U.S. Route 421. The North Wilkesboro Speedway is a short oval racetrack measuring 0.625 miles (approximately 1.006 kilometres). Whether you’re a racing enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a picturesque town, North Wilkesboro offers a delightful blend of heritage and modernity.

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