4 Tips for Salt and Pepper Shaker Collectors.

Salt and Pepper Shakers can be Found Online, Retail Shops, Used Shops, Charity Auctions, Markets, Swap Meets and Many other Places.




The successful collector narrows his or her focus and concentrates on finding the best salt and pepper shaker in the area of interest.


Here are 4 Tips on Collecting these Humble Items. 


Search in all Kinds of Places.

Individual garage, lawn, rummage or street sales will often yield unexpected treasures. Phone the sellers beforehand, if you are short of time. Most people will tell you what they have and what they do not have. Attend swap and collectable meets in your area and other places. Meet other collectors and do a deal!


When Searching Online, Use Different Search Engines.

Not all search engines are the same so use different combinations of keywords to find what you are looking for. When searching on Google, use Google keyword software to give you good ideas. Generally, search algorithms see plurals differently from the singular. For example "shaker" and "shakers" will provide different results. However, the upper and lower case is mostly ignored. The same principles apply to auction sites like eBay. Search every known keyword. Another keyword to add is "buy." For example, a search for "buy shaker." Another set of results may appear.


Do not Ignore "Singles."

It is possible that one half of a set is purchased in one place and the other from another place. The resulting combination will most likely be worth more than the sum of the "singles." The lone single will often prompt the collector into a more detailed search to find its mate. Finding the elusive second half will bring great joy!


Be Aware of the Many of These Items have been Repaired During Their Life.

When buying online make sure that you can view all sides of the shakers. If you cannot enlarge the images email the seller for more information. Reputable sellers will provide any additional information that you seek. They want to sell and their livelihood depends on it. This is not as risky when the items can be visually inspected.

Collecting your favourite items should be fun and rewarding. Make you collecting journey an experience to "write about" by taking a few simple precautions. The tips mentioned above are aimed at collecting used or older items. If you choose to collect modern unused salt and pepper shakers, the risks of getting inferior products are less. Nevertheless, the buyer needs to be wary.

Continue your collecting of salt and pepper shakers. And enjoy!

By David Nivala


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