A Few Tips For Guys Purchasing Girls Jewelry Boxes.

With All The Different Varieties of Jewellery Boxes, There Are a Few Things You'll Want to Consider When Purchasing a Girls Jewellery Box.


Look at their current jewellery to get an idea of style preferences - When purchasing jewellery, girls usually have a certain type of design or style they like. Some like traditional styles while others may like things a little different or modern. Keep this in mind when looking for a jewellery box. Take a look at her current jewellery collection, is it more traditional or more modern in design? This will help you get a feel for more traditional or modern design of a jewellery box. This can also help when asked by a retailer what style or designs your girl likes.

Click - Here To See Some Examples.

Similar to jewellery design, take a look at your girl's tastes in furniture. Now obviously this will vary on the age of the girl you're buying for. If it's for a younger girl or a daughter, she may not have any furniture of her own yet, but surely she already has a sense of style with it comes to things she likes. Think about it, if you purchase a light wood coloured jewellery box and the women or girl you're buying it for has all dark wood, it's not going to look very good sitting on top of her dresser. So keep that in mind. Also, if purchasing for your daughter or young girl, think about its usefulness now as well as the future. Are you wanting her to get the most use of it now, or is it something you hope she can use for years to come? For example, should you get her a pink Barber branded jewellery box or something nice she can keep for a lifetime and pass down to her own daughter?

Ask one of her friends what she likes. This can be a great way to get a feel for what she wants or likes. Especially if her friend has a jewellery box she may have commented on before. Best friends usually have a good idea of what each others likes and dislikes are.

Get some first-hand input! I've used this technique often with jewellery and clothes. When out shopping with my wife, I'll act like I'm interested in a certain piece of jewellery and or clothing when she comes over to investigate what I'm looking at, I'll get her input. But I try to make it casual and that I'm not really "that" interested yet I'm paying close attention to what she says. I make a mental note, and sometimes even write it down the first chance I get, for later gift ideas.

Always remember that you're purchasing them a gift and they're sure to like whatever you get if you've put some thought into it. Guys, it's all about paying attention. You're wife, girlfriend, or daughter is constantly giving out clues about things they want or like, so you need to pay attention.

By Jay Bablestone


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