All About Coin Care.

Safe Handling of Your Coins will Guarantee The Quality and Value of Your Coin Collection for Many Years to Come.


Taking the time to study, research, and invest in coins only to mishandle or damage them is not something you want to happen. Below are some simple coin care tips that you can follow to protect your coins from damage.


Do Not Clean Coins

Simple word on cleaning coins, Don’t! Attempting to clean your coins will many times do more damage than good, especially if they are uncirculated. Cleaning coins even with just soap and a small cloth can cause micro-abrasions and strip the coin of its tone and lustre ultimately lowering the technical grade. The only exception to this rule is freshly dug up coins from the ground or through metal detecting.


Handling Coins

When handling coins, you should never touch the face of the coin and should hold the coin by its edges between the thumb and forefinger. Using cotton gloves or tongs can also help in minimizing the possibility of damaging your coin.



Other Tips

Other tips on proper care for your coin collection is to never talk over or spit on your coins. Holding a coin in front of you while talking can allow tiny parts of saliva to land on your coin unknowingly and cause small spots or blemishes that are hard to remove. Many a mint coin has been ruined in this way. Also, when storing your coins, be sure not to use PVC based containers, the plastic & chemicals over time will damage the surface of the coin.


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