How to Recognize Quality Jade.


Since Ancient Times Jade has Been Prized for its Strength and Beauty. In Recent Years the Demand and Price for Quality Jade Have Risen Dramatically.


Learning as much as you can about jade, will help you to choose quality pieces and enhance your appreciation for this wonderful gem. Jade can open the door to a whole new culture.


If You Are Looking for Quality Jade Here are a Few Things to Take Note of

Jade has a smooth surface and high shine in appearance. When you touch it, it should feel cold and smooth. In fact, it will take a while to get warm.

Jade is a high-density stone. If you throw one piece in the air and then catch it in your hand, it will feel a lot heavier than it looks. Doing some volume calculations can provide you with more assurance of the quality also. 

Jade reflects light beautifully. Inspect the colour under both fluorescent and incandescent light sources, and you will see felt-like inter-twining. You should not see a homogenous tone. Also, there should not be any air bubbles in the piece. Semi-transparent jade has a brilliance or glow and increases Jade's value dramatically. Although green is most often associated with Jade, it comes in shades, yellow, white and even lavender. The preference in the colour of Jade changes from one region to another or individual tastes.

Take into account the artistry of the piece. Jade craftsmanship can be remarkable.  If the artistry is intricate and beautiful it will raise the value of the piece despite the quality of the actual jade. Many times Jade pieces will have a hidden meaning or theme like longevity, loyalty or family. Be sure that the piece speaks to you and brings you joy. Look for future posts on Jade's increasing popularity next month. Happy treasure hunting!

Anna Boone


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