More Furniture Styles.

Images From - Wallace Nutting's Furniture Treasury Vols I & II; To Learn More about Furniture Styles I Recommend This Book.


Chippendale - 18th C.

The examples below were commonly used by Thomas Chippendale; they were more common to England than the US. The two styles shown in row one middle and far-right are usually referred to as "Chinese" Chippendale. Note: this leg is always vertical and of even size, there is no taper to this style of a leg (see Hepplewhite, Sheraton).



Examples below belong to Sheraton style furniture; reeded variations can often be found as well as a plain turned leg. Some may be found with brass castings on the foot (sometimes shaped like an animal's foot). Another variation of the foot sometimes seen on the Sheraton's leg is an animal foot (sometimes with "hair" which has been attributed to Phyfe)




The legs illustrated below are found on Hepplewhite style furniture. All of the legs are tapered and as a rule, the taper is on the two inside squares, the foot is commonly known as a "spade" foot and can vary in style and size.


"Bracket" Foot - 18th C.

( Associated with Queen Anne & Chippendale Styles )

Below are examples of the "bracket" foot; these are usually found on block front chest and other large case pieces


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