Tips for Displaying Your Watch Collection.

Once you've bought more than one watch for your collection, it's time (pardon the pun) to begin thinking about how you will display and protect your collection.


For small collections, it may be tempting to just put them away in a drawer, but there are some good reasons why this should be avoided. Things that are just tossed in a drawer tend to get forgotten and sometimes lost. They may even become damaged from other items in the drawer or box. This is particularly true if you go into the drawer or box often for other items. Leaving watches on a shelf isn't a good idea either. A good case will protect your watch collection from dust and other incidents. The last thing you want is to damage your collection from carelessly storing them.

Another reason to display your collection is that it is much easier to show it off and share your new-found hobby with others if it is in a proper display case. A nice display case also enhances your décor and can become a focal point for any room.




If your collection is small, under 20 items, then there are plenty of affordable choices. These can be found online with a quick search and range in price from $30 dollars to over $100. Wood boxes come in a variety of colours to match just about any décor. Glass tops are a nice feature because everyone will be able to see your collection and admire it without having to actually open the box. All kinds of other choices exist from acrylic standing cases to black snakeskin watch cases. Look for the lining to be made of a soft material to prevent scratching any parts of your watches.

If you wear your watch collection and need them in working order, then you'll want to investigate watch winding storage boxes. These are designed to both display your watch and keep it ready to wear. The automatic winders in these boxes are made so that they do not overwind your watch because they come with a timer that prevents it. Keep in mind that most watch display cases do not fit very large-sized watches - e.g. watches in excess of 45-50 mm or watches with long straps for larger men. If this describes your situation, you'll need to search for a display case specifically designed for larger watches. The Big Mag from is an example of one such display case.

Once your collection grows beyond 36 or so you'll need more cases. However, if you want to keep your collection all under one case, then you'll need to become creative in how you display your collection. I have not found many very large display cases. One thing you can try is to purchase a display case from a business and modify it to meet your needs.

Whatever you decide, it's worth investing in proper display cases to protect your watch collection. After all, you've got a precious collection - worth displaying with pride!

By Kerry Hook


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