Collecting Antique Clocks


A man who is passionate about Collecting Antique Clocks.

Randy Cobb's who is living on the shore of Lake Bowen is filled by the sound of seconds ticking away.

Cobb's own collection of 25 antique grandfather clocks, some dating back to the 1700s, and his business Legacy Antique Clocks. His collection started after he spent four years as an electrical engineer stationed in England with the U.S. Air Force.

He credited his passion for clocks to Alan Smith, his neighbour in Sweden, England, whose family had built and refurbished clocks for more than 150 years.

During his time in England, Cobb said he became a clock fanatic. He began buying and refurbishing as many as he could, all while adding to his growing collection.




He said at its peak, his collection reached 59 grandfather clocks.

“Thank God I was single then,” he said with a laugh. “My wife would have killed me.”

Cobb's wife Marsha said his passion for grandfather clocks has caught on with her.

“It's really pretty fun,” she said. “I like the big, tall ones the most.”

Cobb's favourite clock in his collection is an automaton clock with a man chopping wood above the dial. Automaton clocks feature moving pieces and, as each second goes by, the small man lifts and brings an axe down on a tree.

Cobb's other most-prized clock was made by a man named James Taylor in Bristol, England. The clock, another automaton, features an old English ship rocking back and forth on a large wave as time ticks by.

“They're rare, so I needed to snatch them up,” he said.

Cobb said he tried to sell the clock to singer James Taylor when he performed at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, but Taylor had already purchased a piece made by the clockmaker of the same name. Cobb has developed an attachment to the James Taylor clock, and it, along with the wood-chopping automaton, are the two clocks he said he will never part with.

Aside from automatons, Cobb's collection features fuse clocks, which are known for their extreme accuracy including a clock from a pub in Dublin, Ireland, and a clock he bought at a market in Paris to commemorate the trip.

Cobb also owns an 8-bell and a 9-bell clock, which he said are very rare finds. His 9-bell clock is a Harrison & Sons clock from Liverpool, England. He said the clock dates back to the 1760s, one of the most modern of his collection.

“This one is quite a rare find,” he said.

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Collecting CLOCKS is like going back in time, imagine you are looking at the current time on a watch which was being used 100 or 200 years back.


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