Finding That Perfect Gift For That Special Someone In Your Life


You Open a Small Box That Reveals a Sparkling Piece Of Jewellery. It May Be a Brooch, a Bracelet Or a Pair Of Earrings.

Your smile widens as you enjoy the beauty of the gift. Although it's small in size, it packs a lot of sentiment within. Giving jewellery makes the recipient feel special. For yourself, an accessory treasure hunt may be finding that perfect piece of bling for the next party. Most jewellery is one size fits all, making a spontaneous choice easy. 

Accessories are a great channel for creativity. A statement necklace and a pair of earrings will transform your little black dress. An office outfit that you've worn many times seems fun again by adding a brooch. For your wardrobe in general, accessories add intrigue. Especially is this true of vintage accessories. Maybe you know someone who is in love with old Hollywood glamour, vintage jewellery would be perfect for them. Vintage accessories also add unique style to a modern look. The quality of vintage jewellery really stands out. When a young professional wears a pair of vintage cufflinks, for example, they exude class and charm.

Fashion trends for 2017 have jewellery making a prominent presence on the runway. Bracelets are shown off wonderfully by being worn over gloves and sleeves. Rhinestones and gems are extremely popular as well. People are wearing multiple brooches in groupings on shoulders or hats. Vintage belt buckles and tie pins are also making a comeback. It's very exciting that current fashion trends that are not tied to rules when it comes to jewellery.

Have Fun Finding That Unique Piece and Enjoy Making Someone's Eyes Light Up With Vintage Jewelry.

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Ann Boone


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