How to Collect Antique Radios That Bring Back Those Special Memories.

Collecting Antique Radios has become increasingly popular among people all over The World In The Past 30 Years.


The culture behind each antique radio is unique and tells a story about how life was lived during the late 1800s and the first half of the 1900s. It was such an unusual time in American history to look at. It gives us a reference point to all the advances in technology made today. It gives us a vantage point from how far we have come over the past century.

Each antique collector has their own reason for collecting old radios, though most will tell you that they simply have a passion or a special affinity for vintage radios. Why do they have this passion for collecting radios? There are a number of factors in how this love was developed. Some people were moved by the sound quality that these old radios cranked out. The special sound generated from these radios continues to bring back memories of growing up in that era. It was the age of "Big Bands" and famous old radio shows that played nightly. Remember, there was no television for most of this era. Families huddled around the radio in the evening to listen to their special radio show or music. Most people reported a wave of memories that flood their mind when they hear the old songs on an old radio or phonograph. You can always tell how much they love collecting when you hear the excitement in their voice and their animated, excitement when they talk about these old radios.




Others simply have a love for history, in how radio and television came into being. It is fascinating to go back and look at the basic concepts of radio and television creation. Or to study such a man as Thomas Edison, who said after his 10,000th failure to create the light bulb that he didn't see them as failures. It was simply finding 10,000 ways that did not work. The geniuses of that era will never be forgotten. It is upon their achievement and inventive minds that formed a solid foundation for the inventions of today.

Edison changed the world with the invention of the radio, phonograph and the light bulb. He never gave up on any of his inventions. His tenacity was amazing! Did you ever wonder what it would be like if Edison had given up on his inventions? We would not have the radio for one. Or the light bulb to light our homes, streets, and businesses? We have much to be thankful for to these valiant men that forged the future American life today.

If you want to start collecting antique radios, a great place to start would be antique exhibitions. You will be able to find and meet other collectors that share the same interest as yours. Another is estate auctions of the elderly who have passed on. You are likely to find some really great deals on quality antique radios. Another place to look is on the internet. You can type in any model or name into a "Google search" and find thousands of old radios of every make and model.

By Ty Fowler


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