The Collecting of Music Boxes.

There are collectors who will build collections that touch their hearts.


One famous example is the collection of special music boxes. When they are collected and properly stored in display cases they are extremely beautiful to look at and enchanting, lovely to hear.

There are various types that collectors are able to identify, collect and categorize easily. There are angel music boxes that will inspire collectors for years. Gorgeous collectible types can include designs like carousels that make the world go around the world with music and movement with the ages. Collectors have been collecting such varieties for years with designs that are common and unusual. Even animated varieties are available.


There is every imaginable form of them available and with all types of musical melodies as well that will delight entire families not only the collector.

Collectors need to know that the method for a music box is to play music, as well as the variety of tunes it can play, will differentiate from the cylinder music box and from the disc music box. The antique cylinder music box has a removable cylinder that makes it capable to play from four up to eight different tunes. The cylinders will shift sideways within the system, which in turn engages different sets of pins that enables the different tunes to be played. A disc music box utilizes tiny round discs, which enables the music box to play a variety of tunes. These can hold several tiny discs, which can be changed automatically and some new types have a storage area for extra discs.

The Music Box Society International or the MBSI is one of the most reliable ways for any collector to learn about antique music boxes and to network with other collectors. The MBSI also provides its members with access to an online community for the purpose of gather informative information through online message boards. Collectors can gain more historical facts about the variety of styles and types of different music boxes available through discussions with more experienced collectors.

Independent research is another way for collectors to learn about them which can occur by reading a wide assortment of books, speaking with antique dealers, and attending trade shows regularly.

There are some useful collecting tips that every collector of these exquisite instruments need to know prior to purchasing one for their collection that includes first and foremost setting themselves a budget, structuring their collection, and properly caring for their fragile collection.

These valuable tips might seem basic, but for the novice collectors, they are extremely valuable. If a collector sets a budget for themselves prior to purchasing one for their collection then they will be prepared for any other expenses that will come along. A budget can be the overall amount to be spent on one piece, during a month, during two months, quarterly, six month period, or even a year. Regardless of how the collector sets their budget, the main purpose is to help the collector make wise decisions and to not go overboard with their collection or spending.

The structure of a collection is based upon the personal preference of the collector. Some collectors will desire to add more valuable pieces to their collection, while others will add pieces that appeal to their hearts. Proper care of the music box is a must due to so many of them being fragile and the possibility of them becoming damaged.

By Victor Epand


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