Katana Sword, 21 3/4," Soft Handle & Scabbard, Made Of Natural Wood.

  • $24.99 CAD

Japanese Katana Sword, Length 21 3/4," Soft Black Handle and Scabbard, The Swords are Made Of Natural Wood. Great For Katana Training as Well as Cosplay, Its Simple Wooden Construction Demands Less Care Than a Katana, The average Length Of Most Katanas Ranges From 60 To 100 cm. 

The Katana was the first-ever type of Japanese sword built with the sharp edge facing up. This means that it was built with a focus on cutting, which is why it proved to be such a popular weapon amongst samurai. As well as this, katanas are incredibly light and can be held both with one hand or two hands.

4 Pieces are available, Order 1, 2, 3, Or all 4. 

Item Code: TOY17A2231CMA

[Each] Length: 21 3/4"  [Each] Height: 1"  [Each] Depth: 1 1/4"  [Each] Weight: 159 g

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