Toy Fire Truck, Cast Iron, Male Driver.

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Toy Fire Truck, Cast Iron, Male Driver.


Steel has been used for centuries in weapons but did not make its way to the toy industry until about 1850 in America. It was a very latecomer as an antique metal toy-making material. Initially, it was used only for small parts requiring extreme durability. 100% of all steel toys began to be made around 1900. The material (because of its strength and durability) was used almost exclusively for all the rideable toys such as bicycles and miniature walk and pedal cars. These were of course followed by the super-heavy-gauge steel trucks and cars eventually made by the Tonka Toy Company.

Item Code - TOY3C1621CFA

Width: 4 3/4"  Height: 2 3/4"  Depth: 1 1/2"  Weight: 387 g

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