A Set Of Clear Glass Font Oil Lamps with Hooded Globes.

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A Set Of Clear Glass Font Oil Lamps with Hooded Globes.


How Do Lamp Oil and Kerosene Differ?

Lamp oil, Heating oil, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet-A, are all the same in many ways such as consistency, but they burn at different temperatures. We'll call that bunch of fuels "The Diesel Family". Gasoline, Petrol, AvGas, are all the same as well but with a different octane and process from the other family of fuels listed. The biggest difference between the two is that The Gas Family can be freely burned un-compressed whereas the Diesel family needs to be Atomized, (Fuel injection for e.g) to effectively burn. Atomized just means it's sprayed in a fine mist. The Diesel family can burn in compressed but the fuel needs to have an efficient point of burn to steadily feed the flame, like the Lamp oil, Jet engines work the same way but with compression and much more intensity in its feed of fuel to the flame constant burn once sparked.

Item Code - CAN13B17111FAS

Width: 5 5/8" [Each]  Height: 12 3/8" [Each]  Depth: 5" [Each]  Total Weight: 1.030 kg  

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