African Maasai Tribe Hand Carved Ebony Head Bust Woman Stretched Ears.

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African, Maasai Tribe, Hand Carved Ebony, Head Bust Of a Woman, Stretched Ears and Beaded Necklace.


The Maasai Tribes of Kenya have used ear stretching to alter their appearance for centuries. Ear stretching may have been performed in various ways within the tribe, sometimes weight was used to elongate earlobes, other times it was the size of the piercing that brought about the stretching, much like it is today. The Masai peoples would stretch their piercings by using larger and larger pieces of stone, wood, tusk, thorn. The older members of the tribe often had more stretched out piercings than younger members, since safe stretching can take many years. This may have made having larger spaced lobes a sign of age and wisdom.

Item Code - WOO2A529PAN

Width: 3 7/8"  Height: 10"  Depth: 4"  Weight: 1.222 kg

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