African Senufo Hand Carved Figural Mortar Of Woman and Baby, Basket.

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African Senufo Hand Carved Figural Mortar Of Woman and Baby. The Basket Shape On Her Head Is Used as a Mortar.


The Senufo people prepare their food and spices by pounding and grounding in wooden mortars of various sizes. They pound using sticks call pestles. They eat millet and Fonio which are cereal crops. Other foods that they eat are okra, sorghum, yams and potatoes.

Senufo people live in West Africa. Estimated population over 2,500,000. Sharing a common language and culture, the Senufo live in a region that encompasses parts of the nation-states of Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire (also known as Ivory Coast), and Mali. The Senufo speak about nine major dialects within Senari, their common language, dividing the people into different language groups. Three of these linguistic groups live in Burkina Faso, Senufo-Kulele, Senufo-Nanerge, and Senufo-Tagba.

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Width: 9"  Height: 47 3/4"  Depth: 10"  Weight: 10.433 kg

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