Art Glass Pedestal Dish and Matching Candlestick Holders, Orange.

  • $129.99 CAD

Art Glass Pedestal Dish and Matching Candlestick Holders, Orange, Gorgeous Set.


Art glass is an item that is made, generally as an artwork for decoration but often also for utility, from glass, sometimes combined with other materials. Techniques include stained glass windows, leaded lights (also called leadlights), glass that has been placed into a kiln so that it will mould into a shape, glassblowing, sandblasted glass, and copper-foil glasswork. In general, the term is restricted to relatively modern pieces made by people who see themselves as artists who have chosen to work in the medium of glass and both design and make their own pieces as fine art, rather than traditional glassworker craftsmen, who often produce pieces designed by others, though their pieces certainly may form part of the art. Studio glass is another term often used for modern glass made for artistic purposes. Art glass has grown in popularity in recent years with many artists becoming famous for their work, and, as a result, more colleges are offering courses in glasswork.

Item Code - CAN5C768PHA

Width: 19"  Height: 10"  Depth: 10 1/8"  Total Weight: 2.191 kg

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