Bali Indonesia, Decorative Wall Hanging Hand Carved, Javanese Artisans

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Bali Indonesia, Decorative Wall Hanging, Hand Carved, By Javanese Artisans.


Wood carving for commercial purpose was initiated around 1930 when it was introduced to Netherlands and Europe by the Dutch traders, who quickly figured there was a big demand for these products. Following this, some Western artists (such as Rudolf Bonnet, Walter Spies and the Dutch musicologist Jaap Kunst) took residence in Bali, more specifically in Ubud and Mas, where their styles and skills influenced the local wood carving techniques and designs. These artists helped and supported the rebirth of local sculpture and painting, which had been partly affected by the colonization of the island, as the Dutch invasion of Southern Bali in 1906-1908 not only wrecked the old courts of the island but also disrupted the ancient processes of art-making. Under the ruling of the Dutch, Balinese artists were forced to use their abilities to make commodities instead of religious items. This would in turn influence the subjects of their sculptures once they were freed from the Dutch oppression after World War 2.

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Width: 7 3/4"  Height: 14 5/8"  Depth: 4"  Weight: 711 g

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