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Bear Chief Bust, Natural Granite, Hand Carved.

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Bear Chief Bust, Natural Granite, Hand Carved.


Among certain tribes, the bear is known as the “protector of the animal kingdom,” because it is the strongest and most powerful coastal mammal. The Haida Native American tribe treats bears like “noble guests” and also provides them with an honoured burial upon death. When a deceased bear is discovered, it is brought into human headquarters and an eagle is spread upon it to show respect.

The bear is also known for its human-like qualities, which accounts for the high reverence Native Americans have for this animal. One ancient legend claims that the daughter of an Indian Chief fell in love with a married bear, which was also the nephew of the Great Bear Chief. Through their union, she gave birth to twin bear cubs and was heralded as the Bear Mother.

Item Code - STO3D407PVC

Width: 4 1/4"  Height: 5 1/2"  Depth: 4 5/8"  Weight: 2.727 kg

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