Cambodia Thailand Khmer Dancer, Hand Carved Teak, Large Head Dress.

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Cambodia Thailand, Figure Of a Khmer Dancer, Hand Carved Teak, Large Head Dress. Just Take a Look At The Beautiful Grain, Exquisite. 


Khmer Dancing is performed during public occasions and ceremonies in Cambodia as well as among Cambodians in other countries. Performances entail elaborately dressed dancers performing a slow and figurative set of gestures and poses meant to entrance the viewer. The repertoire includes dances of tribute or invocation and the enactment of traditional stories and epic poems such as the Ramayana.

Khmer classical dancers use movements and gestures to convey meaning and tell a story. These gestures are often vague and abstract, though some may be easily understood. Dancers do not sing or generally speak, except in some dance-dramas where there are brief instances of speech by the dancers.

Hand gestures in Khmer classical dance are called kbach (meaning "style"). These hand gestures form a sort of alphabet and represent various things from nature such as fruit, flowers and leaves. They are used in different combinations and transitions with the accompanying movement of the legs and feet to convey different thoughts and concepts. The way gestures are presented, the position of the arm and the position of the hand relative to the arm can affect their meaning. Gestures are performed in different manners depending on the character type.

Teak is a yellow to dark brown hardwood which is extremely heavy, strong and durable. Often strongly figured, teak may show straight grain, mottled or fiddleback figures. It carves well, but because of its high value, is often used as a veneer. Scandinavian modern, and oriental furniture styles are often crafted of teak.

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Width: 4 1/2"  Height: 17"  Depth: 2 3/4"  Weight: 765 g

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