Candlestick Holders, a Pair Of Mid-Century Modernist, Brass & Black.

  • $84.99 CAD

Candlestick Holders, a Pair Of Mid-Century Modernist Brass & Black Candlestick Holders.


Modern design refers to an era that has passed, while contemporary design is all about the now and the future. The most popular modern design era is the mid-century modern era of the 1950s and 1960s.

The enduring popularity of the Mid-Century Modern style is based on many factors. It gave us clean lines, gentle organic curves, a love for different materials, and designers that are idolized even today.

Item Code - CAN13B386HAE

[Each] Width: 5 13/16" [Each] Height: 13 1/8" [Each] Depth: 5 13/16"  

Total Weight: 2.802 kg  

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