Crouching Mythical Beast, Hand Carved, Characteristic Of Carved Ming.

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Chinese Crouching Mythical Beast, Hand Carved, Characteristic Of Carved Ming Creatures.


skilfully rendered in the round in the form of a crouching mythical beast, the figure portrayed alert with piercing globular eyes above a well-defined snout, all below stylised ears, the rounded bodily contours highlighted with a defined backbone terminating in a bushy tail sweeping up against the haunches and body,

This figure embodies elements characteristic of carved Ming mythical creatures, such as the almost deliberately archaistic style of the dramatic pose, exaggerated features, curling tail. As many of these wood carvings were based upon illustrations in contemporaneous woodblock print manuals, such as the Chengshi Moyuan Ink Impressions of Cheng 1606, the piece also reveals the ability of the carver to transform such prints into remarkably naturalistic three-dimensional figures. 

In early Chinese art, animal motifs may fall into two categories, naturalistic and highly stylized, but in both cases, the artist always appears to have developed a close intimacy with the animals. The representation of the animals may or may not reflect a religious usage or meaning.

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Width: 9 1/4"  Height: 4 1/4"  Depth: 3"  Weight: 409 g

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