Chinese Lock In The Shape Of a Chopping Blade.

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Chinese Lock In The Shape Of a Chopping Blade.

Making padlocks in the shape of animals is an ancient tradition in Iran/Persia, India, Nepal, and China, dating back long before the Common Era. Animals with long tails lions, horses, rats and scorpions, were most suited to padlocks, where the tail became the ring shackle, combined with an award spring mechanism. The Iranians developed a wide range of animal shapes, sometimes with very playful solutions.

As far back as the Sassanians, everyday utility items were decorated in textiles, stone, ceramics, and metal. Many of them featured mythical beasts, winged horses, elephants, deer, camels, lions, sheep, goats, birds and a wide variety of plant motifs, including many flowers.
This applied to padlocks as well, into the 20th century. Even animal-shaped locks were decorated. We see regional differences; for example, the elegantly designed padlocks from Isfahan. Persian/Islamic architecture also influenced the decor of the padlocks.

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Width: 5 3/8"  Height: 3 1/4"  Depth: 1/2"  Weight: 148 g

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