Chinese, Warrior Riding Beast Sword In Hand, Hand Carved, Gold Gilded.

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Chinese, Warrior Riding Beast with Sword In Hand, Hand Carved, Gold Gilded.


When one walks up and down in the world, looking at all the varied examples of the gilders’ craft, in the interiors of churches, on illuminated manuscripts, on the steel blades of military dress swords, on the windows of shops and offices, on the hulls of boats, on picture frames and the domes of churches and an infinity of others, one might imagine that there is some magical substance, some single adhesive perhaps, which binds the gold to whatever base is needful of it, and some single technique for using it. Alas, there is no such thing. There is such a multitude of crafts, tools and traditions, that the sum of them literally constitutes a highly skilled art.

Item Code - WOO2E3702HAB

Width: 3 7/8"  Height: 5 1/8"  Depth: 1 7/8"  Weight: 143 g

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