Correya Dog Amulet, Sleeping, Hand Carved In Jade, Chinese.

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Correya Dog Amulet, Sleeping, Hand Carved In Jade, Chinese.


The Correya Dog

The dog is the oldest domesticated animal in China and, although used as a food source, for herding, hunting, and transporting game back to a village, it was also seen as a link between the mortal and spiritual realms. Even though the dog was domesticated and famous for its loyalty, it was still linked to the wild and acted on instinct, it was thus part of the world of humans and of the untamed sphere which people had little control over. As such, it was thought dogs could defend one against entities from other realms.

For protection on the road or going about errands, one wore an amulet, and a fine example of this kind of artefact is the Correya Dog Above.

This amulet is consistent with jade artefacts from the Liangzhu Culture but, of course, also with those of earlier societies such as the Hongshan, which also worked in true jade.

Although the Correya dog has not yet been dated, it lends itself to interpretation as a Liangzhu piece because of the style and subject matter. The Hongshan is not known for producing dog figures and the Hongshan style is not as delicate as the later Liangzhu. A comparison of this piece, its attention to detail and smooth finish, with a Hongshan artefact shows significant differences. A Hongshan amulet does not show the kind of sophistication of technique evident in the Correya Dog which exhibits all the characteristics seen in Liangzhu pieces.

The dog’s paws and the animal’s expression is serene, as though sleeping. When worn, the amulet would have rested on its owner’s body precisely like a sleeping dog which would have had two possible symbolic meanings, tranquillity and protection. The sleeping dog was at peace, but when a threat appeared, it woke to action and defence.  

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Width: 3 1/2"  Height: 1 1/8"  Depth: 1"  Weight: 77 g

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