Enesco Mini Hobnail White Milk Glass Oil, Kerosene Lamp Made In Japan.

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Enesco Mini Hobnail White Milk Glass Oil, Kerosene Lamp, Made In Japan.


The Fenton factory is built in Williamstown, West Virginia. The first piece made on January 2, 1907, is a crystal cream pitcher with a Water Lily and Cattails pattern. Jacob Rosenthal is the factory manager and glass chemist.

Hobnail glass has a pattern of raised knobs on the surface of the glass, kind of like the studs used on the soles of boots in the time period. The Fenton Art Glass Company eventually had lines of all types of hobnail glass, from clear to coloured to opalescent. Their first products were translucent, but they introduced milk glass Hobnail products in 1950, and these proved to be one of their most enduring and successful legacies. In fact, without the success of this line of products, Fenton might have gone bankrupt like a number of its contemporary art glass competitors.

Item Code - CAN9B92A2REA

Width: 3"  Height: 6 1/2"  Depth: 3"  Weight: 219 g

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