General Electronic Exposure Meter, Model Number 8DW58Y4.

  • $29.99 CAD

General Electronic Exposure Meter, Model Number 8DW58Y4, Made In The U.S.A., Comes with a Leather Case.


The General Electric Exposure Meter, Model Number 8DW58Y4 is a vintage piece of photography equipment that captures the essence of vintage charm and functionality.

  • The meter is designed to measure light exposure, which is crucial for proper photography.
  • It provides accurate readings to help photographers adjust their camera settings for optimal exposure.
  • While vintage, it still retains its needle movement and smooth dial operation, although the dial might feel a little tight.
  • As a vintage piece, the 8DW58Y4 appeals to both photography enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Its association with General Electric adds to its allure, showcasing the quality and precision the brand is known for.
  • Weather displayed as a nostalgic decor item or used for its intended purpose, this exposure meter embodies the spirit of classic photography equipment. 

Item Code - ELE8C56118HWA

Width: 3''  Height: 4 3/8''  Depth: 1 3/4''  Weight: 295 g

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